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Sean Patrick (MSc, BPS) is a British-Irish psychologist , broadcaster and graphic designer. He is openly neurodiverse and a member of the LGBTQ+ community.


Interview with Rev. Michael Beckwith (from The Secret)
Los Angeles, California

Sean advocates for mental health issues and speaks openly about his experiences with anxiety and depression. A recurring theme in all of his works is both the positive and negative emotional experience of being human. In his upcoming podcast series 'Chill The F*ck Out', he explores toxic positivity, the pursuit of pleasure and the joy of purposelessness. 
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New Limited Series
Coming Summer 2022

BBC World News
World Mental Health Day

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"Excellent from start to finish! Such an authentic story that makes you realise you are not alone in this journey"
"Such a fabulously written book, something many people can relate to"
"For those who are searching on the outside, this book is an inspiration to go on an inward journey"
"Brought me to tears more than once. I will read this book over and over"
"I really like the fact that he is a young man that has found his place as most of the books I read are about woman"
"He tells you about his experiences with depression in a  way that doesn't make you feel sorry for him but makes you feel inspired instead."

Sean is an educated psychologist (MSc, BPS) and conducted the research The Healthy Resilient Individual, a study that looked at the relationship between spirituality, emotional IQ, mindfulness & flourishing. 

The Healthy Resilient Induvial is a psychological research study that explores new knowledge in the field of positive psychology by investigating the relationship between spiritual intelligence (SQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), mindfulness & Flourishing. 111 participants took part in this research, mostly those living in the UK or USA and thus further cross-cultural differences we anayzied. 


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