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Oh hey. I'm Sean Patrick. I'm a graphic artist & psychologist (GMBPsS) specialising in telling visual stories in creative and compelling ways. I mainly work on books, branding and other digital media.  

About Sean-Patrick
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Sean-Patrick is a British-Irish graphic artist and psychologist (GMBPsS) specialising in creating compelling visual media through the implementation of positive psychology. He is the Creative Director of The Good House Publishing and an award winning author. He is member of the neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ community.  

Upon graduating from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Sean-Patrick became the chief youth arts officer at National Museums Liverpool and through this community engagement work, his interest in psychology and people was sparked. In his early twenties, he moved to Hong Kong and explored spirituality and mental health, a story he shares in his award-winning memoir and guide, That Guy Who Loves The Universe, which led to the creation of the first independent publishing press, That Guy's House.  

Simultaneously, he studied for his MSc in psychology and conducted original research which earned him graduate membership to the British Psychological Society.  ​

Through his work in publishing, he became a self-taught graphic designer by leading the creation of engaging social media content and book covers. The Ellen DeGeneres show featured his work for Michael Beckwith's book Prosperity, Plenitude and Infinite Possibility in 2019. 

With an aptitude for narrative, psychology, and visual media, he soon became in demand as a graphic designer and brand strategist.  In 2021, a Los Angeles based partnership reimagined his publishing company as The Good House. The Good Houses publishes books and teaches and consults on their model of positive psychology, good flourishing.  

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